Unlocking Innovation: OneValley's PassportOS Empowers Tech Hubs to Secure Government Funding

OneValley is driven by a vision of creating a world where innovative ideas can thrive. We empower tech hubs across the United States to unlock their true potential through the Tech Hubs Program.

The Regional Technology and Innovation Hubs (Tech Hubs) Program, an economic development initiative driven by the Economic Development Administration (EDA), aims to catalyze regional technology and innovation-centric growth. Through this program, the EDA will designate at least 20 Tech Hubs across the country and invest approximately $15 million in strategy development grants to accelerate the development of future Tech Hubs.

How to Apply for the Tech Hubs Program

To be eligible for the Tech Hubs Program, tech hubs must form consortia that include academia, private sectors, government, federal labs, and unions, among others. Consortia must focus on specific technology areas and demonstrate their potential for rapid technology-led economic growth within a decade.

The Tech Hubs Program is divided into two phases:

Phase 1 (Deadline: August 15, 2023): EDA will designate at least 20 Tech Hubs and award approximately $15 million in strategy development grants.

Phase 2 (Expected Fall 2023): EDA will make at least 5 implementation awards to designated EDA Tech Hubs. Only Tech Hubs designated during Phase 1 are eligible to apply for Phase 2.

For specific requirements and application details, please review the Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) on the EDA's website.


How OneValley's PassportOS Empowers Tech Hubs to Secure Government Funding

OneValley, with its cutting-edge SaaS Application, Programming, and Community building platform called PassportOS, is committed to supporting tech hubs in crafting stronger proposals for this grant opportunity. Let's explore how OneValley can empower tech hubs to thrive in this competitive landscape.


1. Programming Development

Robust and well-structured programming is the backbone of any successful tech hub. OneValley's PassportOS provides tech hub managers with a comprehensive suite of tools to design, execute, and manage accelerator programs efficiently. Our platform offers customizable program templates, curriculum development support, and performance-tracking capabilities to ensure programs are tailored to the specific needs of entrepreneurs and startups.

2. Scaling Programs with Digital Acceleration Tools

Tech hub managers often struggle with scaling their programs to cater to a growing number of startups and entrepreneurs. With PassportOS, tech hub managers can seamlessly scale their accelerator programs while maintaining high-quality delivery. Our digital acceleration tools enable remote participation, online mentoring sessions, and virtual pitch events, breaking geographical barriers and increasing access to resources for startups in underserved regions.

3. Increased Tech Transfer Commercialization Rates

Tech hubs play a crucial role in fostering tech transfer and commercialization, driving innovations from academia to the market. PassportOS facilitates seamless collaboration between academic institutions, research labs, and startups, streamlining the tech transfer process. Our platform provides a secure space for knowledge sharing, IP management, and industry partnerships, ensuring that breakthrough innovations are effectively commercialized.

4. Innovation Community Development

Strong innovation communities thrive on collaboration, mentorship, and access to investors. OneValley's PassportOS nurtures innovation communities by connecting startups, mentors, investors, and corporates within an integrated ecosystem. Our platform's networking features enable startups to find suitable mentors and connect with potential investors while corporates gain access to cutting-edge technologies and disruptive startups.


By leveraging PassportOS, tech hubs can streamline operations, enhance collaboration, and foster an inclusive and thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem.


Unleash Your Tech Hub's Potential with OneValley's PassportOS!

At OneValley, we are driven by a vision of creating a world where innovative ideas have the resources and support they need to thrive. Our PassportOS platform is already trusted by the world's top accelerators, universities, enterprises, governments, and foundations. Now, we want to empower tech hubs across the United States to unlock their true potential through the Tech Hubs Program.

If you are a tech hub manager, entrepreneur, or stakeholder interested in participating in this transformative program, OneValley is here to help. 

Contact our team HERE to explore how PassportOS can strengthen your proposal and take your tech hub to new heights.

Together, let's shape the future of innovation and economic growth in the United States.


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