Top 5 Tech Stack discounts Ecosystem Managers should share with their Startups through PassportOS

Welcome to the entrepreneurial journey, where every resource counts, and scaling smart is not just an option but a necessity. At OneValley, we understand the heartbeat of startups. That's why we've crafted Passport - your gateway to scaling with ease and precision.

Passport doesn't just open doors; it paves runways for startups to take flight. Today, we're diving into the top 5 Tech Stack discounts you can leverage through Passport. These aren't just benefits but game-changers for your startup's growth and success.

1. HubSpot: Elevate Your Marketing & Sales

First on our list is HubSpot. In the fast-paced startup ecosystem, HubSpot is a beacon of efficiency, offering an all-in-one CRM platform designed to empower your marketing, sales, content management, and customer service. With Passport, you gain access to significant discounts on HubSpot, making it easier for your team to attract visitors, convert leads, and delight customers. HubSpot's seamless integration capabilities mean you can automate and streamline operations, focusing on what matters most—growth.

2. Brex: Financial Clarity and Control

Next, we introduce Brex, a financial service tailor-made for the modern startup. Brex offers credit cards, cash management accounts, and an array of financial tools designed to give startups the flexibility and control needed to manage finances efficiently. Through Passport, your startup can unlock exclusive Brex benefits, helping you stretch every dollar further. Whether it's earning rewards or simplifying expense management, Brex is your financial cockpit in the cloud.

3. AWS: The Backbone of Your Digital Infrastructure

Amazon Web Services (AWS) needs no introduction. It's the backbone for millions of businesses worldwide, offering scalable and efficient cloud computing resources. With AWS, your startup can leverage cutting-edge technology, from computing power to database storage and content delivery. Passport's partnership with AWS means you can access significant discounts, ensuring your startup is built on a robust, scalable digital infrastructure without breaking the bank.

4. Hatch by Digital Ocean: Scale Your Infrastructure Effortlessly

Hatch by Digital Ocean is a sanctuary for startups aiming to scale. This global startup program offers critical support to scale your infrastructure with credits, coaching, and a community of fellow entrepreneurs. Through Passport, accessing Hatch means building and accelerating your startup's growth on a reliable, scalable, and startup-friendly platform. It's about ensuring your infrastructure can grow as fast as your ideas.

5. Forecastr: Navigate Your Financial Future with Confidence

Last but certainly not least, we have Forecastr. This innovative tool is your startup's finance function, offering crystal-clear financial insights and projections. With Forecastr, planning for the future isn't just easier; it's smarter. Through Passport, your startup can access Forecastr's services at a discount, enabling you to make better decisions, impress investors, and secure the funding you need to succeed.

Wrap Up

These top 5 Perks through Passport are more than just tools; they're your startup's partners in growth. From financial management with Brex and AWS's cloud infrastructure to marketing with HubSpot, scaling with Hatch by Digital Ocean, and forecasting with Forecastr, Passport equips you for the journey ahead.

At OneValley, we're more than a SaaS company; we're a community committed to your startup's success. Dive into Passport today, and let's scale new heights together. Because with the right resources, the sky's just the beginning.


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