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OneValley at the International AURP Conference on Tech Transfer

OneValley to host a Breakout Session at the International AURP Conference focused on Tech Transfer. October 16-19, 2023


In the world of technological evolution and groundbreaking ideas, an event stands out as a beacon of innovation and collaboration on Tech Transfer: The AURP  International Conference, October 16-19, 2023. 


Conference Details:

The University of Delaware and STAR Campus are hosting the conference, which will feature diverse learning opportunities, including collaborative sessions, intense discussion, breakout sessions, learning tours and more. Gain insights from experienced park and innovation district executives as they cover basic strategy elements and share their lessons learned along the way. 

Highlighted Session Wednesday, October 18th, 2:30 PM:


Join the Conversation

The session extends an open invitation to the global community of Tech Transfer hubs, thought leaders, and change-makers as OneValley encourages you to engage in thought-provoking discussions, shared insights, raised questions, and kindle collaboration that can drive innovation with a purpose. We connect the dots between research, entrepreneurship, and sustainability, fostering an ecosystem where revolutionary ideas are nurtured into world-changing realities.


The Inaugural Journey

Launched in 2023, C2C is a pivotal juncture in innovation. Its mission? To translate groundbreaking IP into startups that reshape the climate battle. Alex Fang, Director of Social Impact at OneValley, unveils the inner workings of this audacious venture in his AURP session. Expect insights, triumphs, and hurdles as he shares the evolution of C2C. Alex will also take a moment to compare and contrast another world-changing accelerator on the UB Berekely Campus, Skydeck.

Learning Through Experience

The presentation delves into actionable lessons. Fang's candid account of successful strategies and unforeseen challenges will guide Tech Transfer hubs seeking stronger research-to-impact connections. The C2C experience provides a blueprint for those navigating the intricate world of tech acceleration.

A Gaze into Tomorrow

The presentation's horizon stretches far beyond the past. Fang outlines a visionary roadmap, detailing how C2C's lessons will shape startup creation. With a climate-focused perspective, attendees gain foresight into the future of tech accelerators. Fang’s insights light the path for impactful contributions to global climate goals. Alex will provide an exclusive sneak peek into his work to solve arguably the most vexing problem facing deep tech startups: “The Commercialization Valley of Death."

Empowering Ecosystems with PassportOS

PassportOS—a flagship SaaS application and community platform by OneValley—takes center stage within this collaborative narrative. Trusted by top Accelerators, Universities, Fortune 500s, and more, PassportOS empowers ecosystems to nurture innovation, streamline communication, and fuel growth.

Innovation, partnership, and unwavering commitment illuminate the journey to a greener future. Alex Fang's presentation offers a glimpse into this journey fueled by technology, collaboration, and sustainability. As we await AURP, let's ignite innovation and drive the change our world urgently needs.

Be part of the future! Join OneValley at AURP, October 16th-19th, 2023. Learn more about PassportOS and our mission at Connect today and catalyze impactful change.

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